Recover like the Champions.


Elevate your wellness and discover the difference you will feel with proven nutrients and tested formularies customized to your body. Recover faster by providing your body what it needs.


Normatec Recovery Systems involve dynamic compression. The systems include attachments which go on the legs, arms, or hips. Using compressed air to massage your limbs and mobilize fluid, we'll speed up the recovery and rehab process.


Cryotherapy involves exposing individuals to extremely cold temperatures (below −100 °C) for two to three minutes. Widely used to relieve muscle pain, sprains, and swelling, this method can reduce recovery time and get you back to the grind quicker.


One week's worth of tan in five minutes. VersaSpa Pro uses natural ingredients for a healthy tan. Available bronzer solutions will provide both skincare and sunless tanning options for all members.


HydroMassage therapy utilizes water pressure to massage the body. This will help alleviate tissue injuries caused by lower back pain, arthritis, neck pain, and any sports related injuries.